Schroder Egg Beater Hand Drill *

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Nicely machined, 8mm (5/16") chuck, very smooth, tight action,single pinion (cog). It's about 12" long, and has three jaws.

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Paul Peterson
Schroder Hand Drill

The web reviews I checked before ordering this hand drill rated this model as the best or one of the best on the market, and I am inclined to agree. The action is smooth and powerful, and the chuck is easy to use and holds different sizes of drill bit perfectly centered and straight. Very solid construction. I expect this drill will give many years of service. If you are looking for a hand drill built to last, this one is highly recommended.

Susan R Carpenter
Egg beater drill

I tried drilling on a piece of particle board. It worked wonderful I have never been able to do it with an ..
electric drill can't hold it steady. Glad I purchased it.

Schroder small handdrill

Excellent for drilling into small projects. It's smooth with a smooth sound I love. Already used it in two of my wooden box projects and noticed no issues and hope it would stay so.
Thank you wooden Boat for quality product!

Brian Clary

Very nice drill - very well made and breaks down to a good, portable size. Using to teach grandchildren woodworking skills. Found the hex shank drill bits work very nicely with the drill.

Luis Hernandez
Powerless hand drill

The hand drill has sturdy and heavy construction. All one needs is a Work Bench with a Bench Vise to make use of this drill.

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