Schroder Breast Drill*

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Heavy-duty 1/2" chuck hand drill from the good folks at Schroder in Germany. It's considered a breast drill because of that handy "plate" you hold against your chest as you drill.

This drill has two speeds... just swap the handles to the opposite sides, and you're cranking on different gearing. Please note: when you first crank this drill, it may be very stiff. That goes away with a few turns.

Overall length about 13-1/2".

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Peter Becker
Right on time

As a former shipwright I recognized the German unit from travels in Scandinavia and Central Europe. I also fly competitively in several model aircraft rubber powered classes requiring precisely winding multiple strands of rubber under tension to power the model in flight!. They were formerly
Made in Ukraine from the equivalent tooling for wooden ship and furniture construction: 5:1 ratio is the giveaway.
I still have my father’s Stanley Brest Drill which I will pass to my nephew in Norway where he builds boats and does wood construction requiring Breast Drills…but the open gear drive is not practical for this application… the enclosed gears prevent snagging.
Due to the conflict in Ukraine an alternative was required… this is more than acceptable…no modification other than a Hall effect turns counter addition to count rotations precisely… and finding a 13x1 mm tap.. so thank you,

Schroder Breast Drill

Excellent drill, not as torquey or rugged as breast drills I have used in the past; however, a first class, elegant design and will be welcome in the workshop, especially when the power fails. 4 3/4 stars

Dave Randall

Bought this tool for Amish friends. They are very pleased with it.

Jude Salles
On time, as promised

Bought a Schroder dril. Great product at good price. Would buy again.

works great

purchased for amish

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