Kunz No. 220 Block Plane

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Nice plane for general trimming and finish. Bed is 22 degrees, iron bevel is 25, for a 47 degree cutting angle. Two-inch (nicely ground) wide sole, about 6-7/8" long. Iron is 1-9/16" wide. Great value!

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Based on 2 reviews
James Bland

Haven’t used the plane yet, but it fits the bill of what I’m doing.

Harvey Kail
Kunz Block Plane

Before I ordered this block plane, I checked around for other options, but decided to go with the somewhat more expensive Kunz block plane because I trust the Wooden Boat Store to select quality merchandise. They did not disappoint. This block plane is a precision tool. It was ready to use right out of the box. The adjustment for depth of cut is very precise and has little of the usual play. A small adjustment makes for a small but discernible change in the cut. The heft of the tool is just right for working with it, particularly single handed, and the finish paint (or whatever it is) makes for pleasant feel in one's hand. This tool was well worth the price and I highly recommend it.

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