How To Cast Small Metal and Rubber Parts

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by William Cannon

Published in the mid-1980s, this terrific little book shows you how to cast all kinds of things, in a variety of "formats" from bronze to rubber. And, it's packed with tips. There is an appendix of resources, but at 25+ years old, you might want to just make that the launching pad for your Google search.

Table of contents:

  • Chapter 1: Survey of Casting Materials
  • Chapter 2: Casting Your Own Hood Ornament
  • Chapter 3: Alloys You Can Cast
  • Chapter 4: Foundary Equipment: Make It Yourself
  • Chapter 5: Molding Sands, Fluxes, Degassers, and Flasks
  • Chapter 6: How to Make and Pour Molds
  • Chapter 7: Core Making
  • Chapter 8: Casting Problems and Their Causes
  • Chapter 9: Finishing Castings and Correcting Defects
  • Chapter 10: Do's and Don'ts for Safety
  • Chapter 11: Foundary Terms


  • Chapter 12: Rubber and Space-Age Substitute
  • Chapter 13: Making a Top Bow Rest Pad
  • Chapter 14: Making a Four-Hole Grommet
  • Chapter 15: Making Door Bumpers and Check Straps
  • Chapter 16: Making a Fender Lamp Pad
  • Chapter 17: Metal Molds for More Precision
  • Chapter 18: Ingenuity Replaces Original Part
  • Chapter 19: Molding from Defective Pattern
  • Chapter 20: Molding with a Metal Insert
  • Chapter 21: Making a Weatherstripping Mold
  • Chapter 22: How to Estimate Amounts Needed
  • Chapter 23: Be Careful, Clean, Dry, and Accurate!
  • Chapter 24: Tips on Cutting and Shaping Rubber
  • APPENDIX: Where To Buy Supplies and Equipment
  • About the Author
  • Index
  • 168 pp., softcover

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