Go Build Your Own Boat! (slightly damaged)

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Divided into three parts: Building to your own design; The pleasures and perils of plywood; A miscellany of simple solutions.

This book is packed with how-to and know-how, as well as photos and drawings. Originally published in 1987, the book still has a place near and dear to many followers of the late Dynamite Payson, who still inspires folks to just get to the process of building a boat they can actually use.

Part One: Building to Your Own Design

  • Learning boats
  • Go Build Your Own Boat!
  • Early Catastrophes
  • Feeling Your Way
  • Down the scale
  • Subtracting the Third Dimension
  • Setting up the backbone
  • Molds, transom and transom knee
  • Ribbands, rabbets, and frames
  • Planking her up
  • Striking the waterline

    Part Two: Pleasures and Perils of Plywood
  • Why I took up with Plywood
  • Dangers of the dory design
  • Building the Gloucester Light Dory
  • The Thomaston Galley: triple treat
  • Lofting the Thomaston Galley
  • The Thomastan Galley: planking up
  • The Thomaston Galley: the sailing rig

    Part Three: The miscellany of simple solutions
  • Taking her off, in fiberglass
  • Tools and their maintenance
  • Paints and finishes
  • Sticky subject
  • Spars
  • Scarphing plywood
  • A suit of glass armor
  • Start small
  • A boat owner's guide to a good night's sleep
  • Signing off

    Glossary of Terms, and Indexby Harold "Dynamite" Payson
    114 pp., softcover

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