Fishing Boats and Their Arts

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by D.M. de Castello Branco
170 pp., hardcover
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The most complete book published on wooden working boats of Portugal. Beautiful color artwork, it was published in 1984 in Portugal (written in English) and has been out of print for some time. But we have copies, although the dustjackets are not in the best of shape--but that was from the original wooden crating / shipping when we got them back in the 80s.


  • The Praia da Riveira and Defensive Fortifications of Cascais
  • General Nautical Technology
  • Description of the Fishing Vessels and their Activities
  • Rigs(Masts, Rigging and Sails of Fishing Craft)
  • Fishing Gear
  • Note Concerning the Fishing Grounds of Entre-Cabos (between Cabo da Roca and Cabo Espichel
  • Supplement: French Lobster Fishing Boats
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