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Revival of Classic Boating in New Zealand

by Ivor Wilkins

Renowned yachting writer and photographer, Ivor Wilkins, showcases the leading lights of the recent classic yacht revival movement: big names such as Waitangi, Rainbow and Ariki, treasures such as Little Jim and Rona, and the classic dinghies and launches which dot our coast. It is a tribute both to the original builders of these magnificent craft but also to their current owners and restorers, who have gone to what might seem incomprehensible lengths to bring them back to their former glory and return them to home waters. Lavishly illustrated with contemporary and historic photographs, this book tells the fascinating stories of these boats and at the same time tells a story of New Zealand's own history.

Also see the article in WoodenBoat Magazine "The Kauri Legend" New Zealands enduring classics and the wood that built them.

448 pp., hardcover
10 x 12



Wilkins wrote the text and also took the many splendid photographs. He has done an outstanding job with both. This is a gorgeous book, a feast for the eyes, and yet it's much more than pretty pictures. Wilkins's fine portraits also capture and convey the pride in craftsmanship that shines from the faces of those who have labored long and hard to breathe new life into these old boats.
--Bruce Stannard, reviewed in WoodenBoat #222

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