Capt. Nat Herreshoff *

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by L. Francis Herreshoff
349 pp., softcover

The best biography of N.G. Herreshoff, one of America's greatest yacht designers. Widely known for his series of successful America's Cup defenders and one-design class boats, N.G. Herreshoff was also a top-rank innovator.

Table of Contents:

  • The Time and the Place
  • Captain Nat's Ancestors
  • The Herroshoff's
  • Captain Nat's Education
  • The First Designs of N. G. Herroshoff
  • Captain Nat Forms a Partnership with His Brother John
  • Captain Nat's Home Life
  • Captain Nat's Methods of Designing
  • The Works of the Herroshoff Manufacturing Company
  • Captain Nat's Designs of the Eighteen-Ninties
  • Designs from 1900 to 1910
  • Captain Nat's Designs Between 1910 and 1920
  • Captain Nat's Later Designs
  • Mr. Herroshoff's Later Designs
  • Some of Captain Nat's Accomplishments
  • Recently viewed