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Canoe Rig: The Essence and the Art
Sailpower for Antique and Traditional Canoes

This book is packed with bold, intriguing illustrations and detailed, solid information. It will spark your desire to re-examine how the wind might best move your boat. And it will open your eyes to sail and rig configurations you may have never seen. Enjoy a world that comes from the mind and hand of a sailmaker with a gift for teaching by image as well as by word.

Author/Illustrator Todd Bradshaw has an obvious addiction to canoes, although you can easily apply the principles, concepts, and detailed sail plans to any hull that strikes your fancy. So if you have a daysailer, and you're thinking about a new set of sails, you've come to the right place. Or if you are contemplating a leeboard, adding an ama, or just want a resource of ideas for a variety of ways to steer a boat, then take a look at Canoe Rig.

All the information you need for building sails, spars, leeboards, centerboards, and more, is right here. The artwork is backed up by measurements, so you can create in the flesh exactly what Todd has drawn on paper.

Table of Contents:

  • Catch the Wind
  • Where Wind and Water Meet
  • Cloth and Wood
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Unraveling
  • Lines on Paper
  • Spars
  • Mast Support
  • Leeboards
  • Steering
  • Sails
  • Running Rigging
  • Loose Ends

    Written and Illustrated by Todd Bradshaw
    265 pp., hardcover
    11 x 9"
    ISBN # 0-937822-57-4

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    Bill Rutherford
    Canoe Rig

    Wonderful graphics with some real down to earth advice on boat types, sails and peripheral equipment. It’s nice to see a book by a sailmaker - there are so few. A great jumping off point for us blue tarp and closet rod experimenters to zero in on a sail type to take to a real sailmaker. I would not part with my copy so ordered this one for a fellow traditional small crafter who is contemplating a sailing canoe build. Definitely recommended!

    Jevon Miller Jevon Miller
    fast delivery

    product was delivered faster than stated lead time and provides clear info for attempting a diy conversion.

    iain oughtred

    My abiding memory of the book is the slick computer graphics; his computer does not know how to make wood look like wood, or which way it warps, or how canoe sailors do not look like go-kart drivers! Canadian canoes are rarely sailed, but here we have them fitted out with all kinds of rigs, many of them inappropriate and over-complex. However, having another look, there really is a lot of good information here on all aspects of various sailing rigs, as well as rudders and leeboards etc. Useful for all kinds of canoes which could be sailed, as well as other small craft.

    In case folks don't know... that review is from boat designer of the Acorn skiffs, amongst other designs, and the author 'Clinker Plywood Boatbuiiding Manual'... the world-famous Iain Oughtred! Glad you had 'another look', Iain.

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