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Cruise of the Mascot, 1912-1913

by Henry M. Plummer
191 pp., hardcover

The story of a voyage from New Bedford, MA. to Miami, FL. by the author, and his son and a cat aboard the Mascot, a 24' Cape Cod catboat.

This third edition of this classic tale includes nearly 100 newly discovered photos as well as many original drawings by the author. There is also an appendix containing correspondence and newspaper clippings about the trip.

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Stephen Crane
View of a very different America

An interesting view into the cruising experience of the early 1900s. The boats and the people who sail them, show the robust self-sufficiency rarely apparent today. Also the people they meet along the way are warm, and go out of their way to be generous and helpful.

From shooting waterfowl to feed their cat, to almost completely rebuilding their boat while underway, this book opens up a boating experience few could even imagine today. So take a little time to immerse yourself in a unique voyage in a very different America.

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