Boatbuilding by Chapelle

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by Howard I. Chapelle

624 pp., hardcover
The bible of traditional wooden boat building. It describes the process in detail, emphasizing carvel construction, but lapstrake, strip-planking, and other methods are also discussed. Hundreds of topics are covered, including how to read boat plans, lofting, deck and interior joinerwork, sparmaking, engine installation, steam-bending, specialized tools, fastenings, etc.. Includes an introduction by our own Jon Wilson.

Table of Contents:

  • Plans
  • Lofting
  • The Backbone----Setting Up
  • Flat-Bottom Hull Construction
  • V-Bottom Hull Construction
  • Round-Bottom Hull Construction
  • Lap-Strake, and Other Construction Methods
  • Joinerwork, Plumbing, Installation,Sparmaking, and Finishing
  • Tools and Care, Professional Building
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