Bevin's Guide to Boat Building Math

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A shop dog who's seen hundreds of boats built, "Bevin" presents math as a building tool. Based around building a cardstock scale model of Bevin's Skiff (patterns included), this book ties to its companion book, Afternoons in the Boatshop, where Emma and Bill build a full-sized version of the boat. The projects and exercises in this book focus on the skills of organization, numbers sense, mental math, and fractions, as well as understanding the application of the math. These skills lead to success in using math, whether it's in the shop, in a classroom, or in everyday life. This book is designed to be used with Afternoons in The Boatshop.

AGES: 4th grade to adult learners

by Joe Youcha
64 pp., 8.5 x 11", softcover

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