Bagaduce Farm Pine Tar Soap*

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Type: Hand Soap
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Select from bars of hand soap, or rounds of shaving soap — both are made with Pine Tar, so have that wonderful on-board scent. 4.25oz each.

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Locally made on the Blue Hill Peninsula from:

  • Certified Organic (C.O.) pig fat from local, ethically raised animals rendered on the farm into lard/oil
  • local raw goat milk
  • C.O. extra-virgin olive oil
  • C.O. coconut oil
  • Bickmore's Pine Tar
  • Bentonite Clay
  • C.O. jojoba oil
  • C.O. bees wax
  • essential oils: Lavender, Tea Tree, Siberian Fir
  • C.O. cane sugar
  • sea salt
  • sodium hydroxide (food-grade lye)

    About Shaving Soap: For the shavers of the world, two things set shaving soaps apart from typical hand/body soaps: the staying power/quality of the lather, and the glide of the blade over [not into] the skin.  The unique blend of oils and goat milk in Bagaduce Farm shaving soap enhances the lather qualities, while clay—specifically Bentonite Clay—provides a glide that those little blue strips can only dream of, at least that’s what some say.

    Bagaduce Farm soap story: About 12 years ago after the first four pigs that were born and raised on the farm were processed for meat, tubs of raw pig fat were produced as well, since about 10% of a pig's live weight is fat. Not wanting to waste the fat the near-lost art of rendering was learned and soap production started. 


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