3-1 Shoulder - Rabbet - Chisel Plane

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3-in-1 Shoulder Plane

Converts from the long shoulder plane to a rabbet plane, to a chisel plane. There is an allen bolt in the nose that you remove to take this apart. Tip: you may need to use a wrench on the allen wrench for extra leverage, as the allen bolt is in tight. Also, you will want to slowly separate the nose as it too is a tight fit. 

8" long, 1" wide.

As with most all planes, you may want to do a bit of a tune-up. 

This is model # D3752

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Dennis Pruneau
Shoulder Plane

God quality and did the job!

Phil Johnson
3-1 Shoulder - Rabbet - Chisel Plane

Carefully packages for shipment and delivered in perfect condition. I had some tight interior locations to smooth out and for some reason my father's shoulder plane was not to be located, but this design is far better than his. I would still like to locate where he put the plane before leaving the shop to me.
There were some other items on this order and I continue to be impressed by the quality and taste of products marketed by The Wooden Boat Store. I will have the Signalman send you a BZ (Well Done).

WIlliam Spates
Shoulder Rabbet Plane made well

A GREAT tool; well made, easy to work with. Excellent buy!

Very pleased.

All of my initial concerns have been resolved, after trials. Very high quality for the price.

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