2023 Calendar of Wooden Boats

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Captions are written by the insightful Maynard Bray, and images are by one of the mostly highly regarded nautical photographers, Ben Mendlowitz. They have been working together, along with designer Sherry Streeter, since their first calendar was produced in 1982. It's quite a remarkable collaboration.

Opens to 12" x 24"

 COVER:  Starlight (background) and Hannah (foreground)

January         Abaco Rage - 28' x 10'4" Class A racing sloop

February       Kittiwake II 44' x 13' power cruiser

March           Island Maid II 47' x 13' 2" converted salmon packer

April              Chicane 62' x 12' 16" cutter

May              Starlight 39' 10" x 10' 10" Concordia Yawl

                     Hannah 13' x 4'4" peapod (also on cover)

June              Latifa 70' x 15' 7" double ended sloop

July               Ginger 16' 8" x 5' Coquina cat ketch

August          Moonbeam of Fife 80' 6" x 15' 6" gaff cutter

September    Shepherdess 28' x 8' picnic boat

October         Martha 20' x 7'7" keel/centerboard sloop

November     Rainbow 50' x 8'8" gaff cutter

December     Twilight 40' 8" x 13' 6" lobsterboat


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

Wonderful pictures, as always.

Billie Williams
Love this calendar!

This is a beautiful calendar - even the borders are a lovely color…I’m super happy with it.

Miller Melvin
A Beautiful Calendar

For many years we look forward to the Wooden Boat calendar. The photos of the different craft are amazing.

M Parisien
Makes for great Zoom Calls

Every year I pin these calendars up just above my computer. Sometimes when zoned out on a Zoom call I'm actually staring at the calendar pic and am very far away from my office.

Mike Phelps
Beautiful Photography

Beautiful photographs, as always. I've purchased a version of this calendar 20 or 25 years and have always been glad I did.

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