2022 Calendar of Wooden Boats

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The 40th anniversary edition of this incomparable wall calendar has arrived! Special treats inside include a page showing you all forty covers, as well as an alphabetical list of every boat that has graced the pages—and includes the years each boat has appeared, and if it was a cover. 

Captions are written by the insightful Maynard Bray, and images are by one of the mostly highly regarded nautical photographers, Ben Mendlowitz. They have been working together, along with designer Sherry Streeter, since their first calendar was produced in 1982. It's quite a remarkable collaboration.

So, for the 40th year, you can bear witness to the finest boats, in their inspiring settings, at their most flattering of angles. To top it off, the print quality is second to none.

Opens to 12" x 24"

 COVER: VELA (background) and MAVIS (foreground)

January         Whirlwind- 36' x 18' iceboat  

February       Kristin- 24'6" x 6'9" Watch Hill 15 class sloop

March           Thelma- 59' x 11'6" A-class racing cutter

April              Sylvina W. Beal- 80' x 17' sailing sardine carrier

May              Seminole- 46'4" x 13' keel/centerboard yawl

June              Bunky- 15'6" x 5'10" Buzzards Bay 12 1/2 sloop

                     Tornado- 9'6" x 4'4" lug rigged Nutshell pram

July               Katie Mack- 46' x 11'3" power cruiser

August          Brilliant- 61'6" x 14'8" schooner

September    Raindance- 28'6" x 8' cabin launch

October        Annapolis Wherry- 17'9" x 3'2" sliding seat rowboat

November    Mavis- 39' x 9'5" double-ended ketch

                     Vela- 50' x 14' gaff cutter(also on cover)

December     Spare Time- 27'6" x 9'6" lobsterboat


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Elaine Bell
Beautiful calendar

Beautiful calendar.

Tim Heatwole

2022 Calendar of Wooden Boats

Russell Sheehan

The 2022 catalog is excellent as usual. Thanks..

David Losee

Great calendar as always

James Kramer

2022 Calendar of Wooden Boats

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