Professional BoatBuilder #174 August/Sept 2018

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Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

August/September 2018

On the cover: This aluminum repair candidate suffered cracking when the end of the flat-bar stiffener stopped short of a boat's structurally robust bow, leaving the load nowhere to go but into the plate at the ends of the weld. Also, it's likely that too much heat for the thin attached plating was put into the fillet welds, which, upon cooling, cracked microscopically and spawned a larger crack after several heavy strikes on the exterior fender. Story on page 70. Photograph by John Kecsmar.


  • Steering, Part 1: by Steve D'Antonio. Installation and maintenance of mechanical steering systems-cable, jacketed cable, worm gear, and drag link.
  • Yard Smarts: by Bruce Pfund. Circumstances and necessity often spur yard crews to imaginative, practical solutions.
  • See-through Structure: by Hans Buitelaar. As yacht styles and materials evolve, designers and glass suppliers face new expectations and opportunities for structural applications of glass.
  • Crafting Carbon: by Dan Spurr. A company in Washington specializes in making precision tubes and carbon fiber composite parts.
  • Putting Aluminum Back Together Again: by John Kecsmar. Notes on the art and science of repairing alloy boats.
  • Rovings: compiled by Dan Spurr. Sailing to the North Pole; collected Vripack designs; electrical certification in Spanish, and component certification from ABYC; lessons from unmanned sailing models; Energy 48 revisited; Rambler Yachts; and Gougeon buys Entropy.
  • Parting Shot: by Nigel Calder. A new UL standard limiting CO emissions from portable generators makes them safer but not foolproof for supplementary marine use.


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