17' Kayak Endeavour *

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by Steve Killing

Steve Killing's design is fast becoming well-known, in part due to the Endeavour being built in many a WoodenBoat School class, as well as being the featured boat in the Ted Moores book Kayakcraft


This is the boat for you, even if you have never paddled before. You will be right at home after just a few outings. The book also has a very informative section on kayak design--stability, drag, and more, written by Steve Killing.

LOA - 17'
Beam - 23 1/2"
Depth amidships - 12 1/2"
Cockpit length - 31"
Cockpit width - 16"
Designed displ - 250 lbs.
Weight - 43 lbs.
Construction: Strip wood
Skill Level: Intermediate
Plans include 6 sheets.


Endeavour was featured in Boat Design Quarterly #41.

Please note: if you are able to build from lines and offsets, the book KayakCraft shown below will allow you to build from the book instead of buying the plans.

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