Professional BoatBuilder #162 Aug/September 2016

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Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

August/September 2016

On the cover: In anything but glassy sea conditions, recording the precise swing of a pendulum in a motion-dampening container of water can be the most tedious and ticklish part of performing an on-the-water inclining experiment-a necessary chore that allows boat designers and builders to verify vessel stability. Story on page 24.Photograph by Butch Dalrymple-Smith.



Best of Inclinationsby Butch Dalrymple-Smith. 

A designer looks at the importance of quantifying vessel stability, along with a variety of on-the-water inclining experiments to determine or to verify it.


  • Blackwater Guide by Steve D'Antonio. 
    A sanitation system can be functional, odor-free, and (mostly) worry- free-if you choose the right materials, equipment, and techniques for design and installation.


  • Vendée Evolution by Brian Hancock.
    From "Dali foils" and canting keels to rudder tubercles and standardized masts, the latest IMOCA 60 offshore racing sailboats are designed to optimize performance in the Vendée Globe.


  • Storm Chasers by Dan Spurr.
    A team of raceboat specialists and skilled boat restorers collaborated on the resurrection of White Tornado, a vintage Bertram.


  • One Jig to Build Them All by John Brooks and Ruth Ann Hill.
    Saves time and money for multiple builds of different models of boats


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