Professional BoatBuilder #157 October/November 2015

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Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

October/November 2015

On the cover: Technicians from Boston BoatWorks' placement-and-tailoring crew apply layers of freshly epoxy-impregnated triaxial glass fabric joining the hull halves of a production-built MJM 40z. The shop is one of just two production builders in the country that specialize in wet-preg epoxy composite construction. Story on page 50



  • Power Trip by Steve D'Antonio.  A tour of MAN Engines' Nuremberg facility unveils the proficiency behind 250 years of mechanical innovation.
  • Taking the Measure of Emissions by Nigel Calder.  International emissions standards have steered the development of modern marine diesel engines, but not always toward the most fuel- efficient technologies.
  • The Builder Under the Bridge by Paul Lazarus.  Boston BoatWorks has been production-building complex, lightweight, fuel-efficient MJM power cruisers in wet-preg epoxy composites for the last dozen years.
  • Impacts on Cats by Albert Nazarov.  Lessons come from real-world testing of accelerations and pressure loads on the bottom structures of small high-speed catamarans.
  • Superyacht Pit Stop by Dan Spurr.  A Florida repair business thrives on a tireless work ethic and a willingness to take on any job.

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