Putt Putt Steam Boats

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Tin steam boat toys have been around since the 1920's, and for a good reason--they're a blast. You can run them in the tub or even the kitchen sink. They really do scoot around! And there's something about that PoP! PoP! sound is worth the price of admission.

LOA: 5 1/2", Beam: 2 3/8"
Power: cooking oil, or you can buy the little candle jobbies we offer.
You don't want to use petroleum or alcohol-based fuels as they will ruin the boiler.

This truly works by steam power. The flame heats the water in the boiler and flashes it into steam, which pushes the water out of the rear tubes. The steam then loses energy and contracts, pulling water back into the rear tubes. The cycle continues, and keeps the boat moving... until fuel/heat diminish.