25' Standard--Metric Tape Measure

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Additional Info

This tool REEKS of great features. And, although you might think it a tad unusual to get all worked-up over a tape measure, consider these factors:

  • Millimeters AND Inches on the same blade
  • Erasable notepad for quickie sketches/measurements
  • Built-in pencil sharpener
  • Dual blade locks-so it you can stop the blade with your thumb or index finger
  • Resistance retraction setting. ie you can reduce or increase the speed the blade retracts, by positioning the thumb-lever
  • 1" wide blade, yet compact housing
  • 4 rivet end-tab

    And, each tick mark is labeled (red small numbers for 16ths, and fractions shown) so you don't have to count-up the 16ths to figure out your measurement, as well as noting a 2 (for example) in red, so at 14" you instantly see that 14" is 1' 2".

    HAH! NOW you're excited!

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