Plans & Dreams Vol 1

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Subtitled 23 Ready-to-Build Boat Designs this exceptionally handsome book features designs from Paul Gartside which have appeared in the British magazine Water Craft. The book is more than a stack of study plans... it includes "essays and advice" as they point out on the front cover. So it's an enjoyable read as well as informative.

If you're new to the world of Gartside designs then you are in for quite a treat. And if you've followed his work in WoodenBoat or been to one of his design courses at our WoodenBoat School, then you are well-prepared for the feast of designs--all of which include offsets, so you can actually build from the book.

If you click PREVIEW, you'll get a nice sampling which includes the table of contents including the length and type of each boat featured. The other big plus: this book is considered Volume One.

by Paul Gartside
12" x 9" landscape
Softcover, 217 pp