Yankee Tender Scale Model Kit

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Additional Info

This is our most popular kit. Based on the full-sized 12'4" flat-bottomed skiff, this model is actually fairly easy to build yet beautiful to display. Utilizing two basic construction methods, lapstrake planking for the sides and cross-planking for the bottom, building this model will add considerably to your boatbuilding knowledge and experience.

This is a building course in a box.
Scale: 1 1/2"= 1'

If you'd like a better understanding of just what you are getting yourself in for, view the four pages of instructions by clicking: Instructions.

Here is a building tip for the cutting the planking.
When you cut out the side planking (as opposed to the bottom planking) you should be getting both garboard planks from 1 piece of 3/64" x 2" x 24" Basswood. Trace out the first gar board plank with the edge of the pattern as close to the edge of the wood as possible. Just flip the gar board pattern and nest it to the first when you are tracing the second plank.

You should also do the same with the sheer plank using the other 3/64" x 2" x 24" piece. The 4 pieces of the 3/64" x 1" x 24" would be for planks 1 and 2 of each side.

Also, we now include 6 pieces of 3/64" x 3/4" x 24" for the bottom's crossplanking (instead of 4 pieces, per the instructions) just to make it easier.

Skill Level = 2

Skill levels are:
1 = beginner
2 = intermediate
3 = advanced