Catspaw Model Kit (Wood)

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Additional Info

Here is one of the prettiest dinghy models around. The Catspaw's clean, elegant lines are Joel White's modified version of Herreshoff's Columbia dinghy. This model is combination of the two... as it has lapstrake planking instead of carvel planking as with the full-sized plans. So, with lapstrake planking over steamed frames, this kit provides a first-rate introduction to round-bottom construction techniques for the accomplished modeler.

Plans and materials (including copper roves and nails) to complete the Catspaw are included with this kit, as are step-by-step instructions that also show you how to fashion spars, oars, oarlock sockets and horns, and all hardware. While sail material is not included, the drawings are on the plan.

Scale: 1 1/2" = 1'

LOA: 19"
Beam: 7"

If you'd like a better understanding of just what you are getting yourself in for, view the 32 pages of instructions by clicking: Instructions.

This is a building course in a box.

Skill Level = 3

Skill levels are:
1 = beginner
2 = intermediate
3 = advanced