Lightning Model Kit

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Additional Info

This is one of the most popular kits we have ever offered. It might be because it is pretty simple to build, or that it's a handsome boat. But because so many folks order two, we think it is because they are so much fun to race.

Made with precision pre-cut balsa frames and mahogany planking, the kit includes plans, thorough instructions, nylon sails, line for rigging, and hardware.

This Lightning scale replica is a great way to learn about boats, without having to spend the time on precise cutting. You supply the varnish, paint, glue, and a few household tools, everything else is included. Designed for sailing on your favorite "golden pond" or as a handsome addition to your mantelpiece. Couple of building tips: clothespins make great clamps, and styrofoam (not the corn-starch based type) peanuts make great flotation under the foreward and aft decks. This model is not designed for remote control. If you sail on a larger pond and don't have a chase boat, kite string/spool are very handy.

Scale: 1" =1'
LOA: 19"
Beam: 6 1/2"
Height: 26"

Note: that stand in the photo isn't included... we made that in just a few minutes from scrap wood. You'll likely make something prettier!

Skill Level = 1

Skill levels are:
1 = beginner
2 = intermediate
3 = advanced

If you'd like a better understanding of just what you are getting yourself in for, click: Instructions.