WoodenBoat Magazine: Complete Collection DIGITAL USB Flash Drive

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Additional Info

This is slick... and it's an incredible deal. You'll get ALL of the back issues of WoodenBoat magazine, delivered on a USB Thumb (jump, flash, stickwhatever you want to call it) Drive. Each in PDF format. Every page of the magazine is included, but not bind-ins, blow-ins, or supplements. And it all fits on a flash drive which plugs into a USB port in your computer (most computers... even the oldermodels have a couple of built-in USB ports). If you were thinking of giving the collection as a gift, it now comes in a beautiful cherry wood box with our snazzy logo laser etched into the top.

We warrenty the flash drive for 30 days. So, we STRONGLY suggest you do not rely upon a flash drive. Back it up to your local harddrive. Plus you'll have faster access from your local drive than from the flash drive.

For an up-to-date index for WoodenBoat magazine, we have a free on-line searchable index, plus you can download a text file from that same site page. Click WOODENBOAT INDEX to search or download.

How do you update for future issues? You can download and pay for any individual issues from our Instant Download section.