Rudder-Mounting Hardware (KB)

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Specified on the Nutshell and Shellback plans, as well as the Catspaw Dinghy, and Pooduck Skiff, this bronze hardware (rod is brass) is unique in that it is designed to help prevent accidental loss of your rudder. Comes complete, including mounting hardware.

You may need to cut the length of the lower piece, to fit. It's actually quite easy... just use a hacksaw. If you follow that same pointed shape, so it matches the upper's shape.
Rod length is 11 7/8". The space between gudgeons is 3/4" and the length is 4" for the upper gudgeon and 5 1/4" for the lower gudgeon.

You need to turn the rudder 90 degrees to remove... that way it reduces the chance of accidental loss if you run aground.