The Evolution of the Wooden Ship

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by Basil Greenhill, illustrated by Sam Manning

This book contains a wealth of information. Originally published in 1988, this book is a tribute to the shipbuilding trade, not only because it traces its evolution and associated traditions, but also because it is in part based on the oral accounts of men who actually worked on the vessels.

The four central chapters are devoted to describing in detail the building of the most common trading vessel, a simple 100-ton two-masted wooden schooner. In addition, the building of different types of wooden vessels, three- and four-masted schooners and barques in four different countries is discussed.

To complement the scholarly text by Basi Greenhill, Sam Manning further explains many of the intricate process of shipbuilding in his clear and accurate drawings and in his notes... topics like "dubbing", and caulking, amongst many others, are described in words and drawings.


  • Part One: The BackGround
  • Explanation
  • The Evolution of the wooden ship
  • Part Two: The building of a wooden ship
  • The slipway
  • The Skeleton
  • The hull is completed
  • Fitting out and launching
  • Four other building traditions
  • Wales:small three masted schooner
  • Finland: large three masted schooner
  • Canada: three masted barque
  • United States: four masted schooner
  • Tailpiece
  • Glossary
  • Index

    239 pp., softcover

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