Pete Culler's Boats: The Complete Design Catalog

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Pete Culler was known for his handsome, honest boats with little varnish/brightwork. What might surprise you is how prolific he was, and how much personality was packed into his designs.

Out of print for years, we've brought his design "catalog" back so once again every design he offered is available for your viewing pleasure. It's jam-packed with lines drawings and photos as well as background stories of the designs and plenty of no-nonsense (some might say "crusty") advice, making it a fascinating study and a good read to boot. Author John Burke grew up next door to "Capt. Pete", and is probably better versed in all things Culler than just about anyone. You'll gain a true insight to the man from Burke's unique perspective.

On the cover: the 10-1/2 foot wherry yawlboat AF Chapman, built for the wooden ketch Stormsvalla, she was originally designed for the schooner Fiddler's Green.

Table of Contents:

  • Part I: Round -Bilged Open Craft for Sail and Oar
  • Part II: Vee-and Flat-Bottomed Open Boats for Sail and Oar
  • Part III: Power, Inboard and Outboard
  • Part IV: Cutters, Sloops, Yawls
  • Part V: Ketches
  • Part VI: Schooners

    312 pp., hardcover
    ISBN: 978-1-934982-03-7

    We thought you might like to read the text from "editors page" in WoodenBoat issue #23 (July/August 1978):

    Dear Pete,
    It's May 24, and I've just heard the news. I don't know whether to be glad for you, or sad from me and all the others who will dearly miss your wisdom, your humor, your sense of proportion and grace, and your commitment ot beauty and simplicity on the water, in the shop, and at home. (I didn't forget your humility--it's just that it's a subject apart from the rest.) There are few in the world who have done as much as you and spoken of it so little; who knew so much, yet never boasted.

    The community of traditional boat enthusiasts may never know how much you've done to preserve the best in traditions. From your deadrise skiffs to the Concordia sloop; from INTEGRITY to the JOHN F. LEAVITT. Your conversations, your writings, your designs, your workmanship on the many boats you built--all reflected the same spirit, and demanded the same high standards.

    Recalling the evening that 12 of us sat in the small boat shop at Mystic, hatching the idea of the Traditional Small Craft Association, I remember your determination to work according to what you knew in your heart, without concern for the early, ill-conceived Coast Guard regulations. You never wavered from your sense of what was correct. And remeber your swift and graceful OTTER--the bateau whose maximum capacity was less than a whole person, by the regulations? Judgment, experience, and skill were needed, but your invitation to all was always open: "Experience starts when you begin."

    The spirit and standards are with us still, and will be for a long time to come. None of us will feel quite the same without you at the usual gatherings. I missed your last one, but counted on seeing you at Mystic next weekend. We never did get that boatbuilding project going, nor the articles we talked about.

    We'll all miss you, and somehow, I wish I'd told you these things last week.

    --Jon Wilson

    Note: R.D. "Pete" Culler lived from 1909-1978... with the last bit in not the best of health.

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