My First Book of Knots

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Packed with knot info AND packed with illustrations. Not just drawings of knots, but also the knots in their "setting", from old-time ships to modern marinas, campgrounds and treeforts, the old wild west, swamps, rivers with good fishing, swings, the rainforest, city skyscrapers, as well as tying shoes AND neckties!

Table of Contents:

  • History
  • Terminology
  • Some Basic knots
  • Other Useful knots
  • Different Ways to splice two lines
  • Shortening and reinforceing ropes
  • Heaving line knot
  • How to protect the rope end
  • Fishing knots
  • Everyday knots
  • Decorative Knots
  • Knots for games and outdoor activities

    Recommended for ages 7 to 10 but great for any one wanting to learn or review their knots.

    by Berndt Sundsten & Jan Jager
    45 pp., softcover

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