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by Dava Sobel

A story told well. That it's true, and had a huge effect on mariners adds all the more to this "gem of a book" as the NY Times praised it.

Telling time and its relation to travel/navigation on the seas meant the difference between life and death. And now Walker & Company has brought back this book which it first published in 1995, in an affordable softcover (yet it still has a color signature) edition.

If you missed the book the first time out, you can make-up for it now. You won't be disappointed.


  • Imaginary Lines
  • The Sea Before Time
  • Adrift in a Clockwork Universe
  • Time in a Bottle
  • Powder of Sympathy
  • The Prize
  • Cogmaker's Journal
  • The Grasshopper Goes to Sea
  • Hands on Heaven's Clock
  • The Diamond Timekeeper
  • Trial by Fire and Water
  • A Tale of Two Portraits
  • The Second Voyage of Captain James Cook
  • The Mass Production of Genius
  • In the Meridian Courtyard

    184 pp., softcover

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