Herreshoff of Bristol

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Revised, redesigned, and finally back in print. The history of a company and the founders who brought the art to its ultimate level with boats like Gloriana, Defender, and Resolute, the New York 30s, the Buzzard's Bay 15, and the 12 + footers. Practically like getting a tour of the place by John B. and Nathanael G. themselves. Includes additional information from grandson Halsey Herreshoff who heads the Herreshoff Marine Museum in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Table of Contents:

  • Part One:The Old Tannery:Herreshoff Boatbuilding to 1878
  • Manufacturing for SteamHerreshoff MFG. Co. Power Vessels 1878-1897
  • The Shops:A Look at the Herreshoff Mfg. Co. Facilites 1878-1897
  • Trials and Triumphs:Miltary Craft 1878-1897
  • The Age of Gloriana: Herreshoff Mfg. Co.Sailboats 1878-1897
  • Part 2:Heydays Before the Great War
  • From Fin Keelers to Cruisers: HerreshoffMfg. Co. Sailboats 1898-1917
  • Years of Glory: The Big Sailing Yachts,1898-1917
  • The Power Transition: From Steam to Internal Combustion, 1898-1917
  • Yachts of Thier Own:Pleasure Boats of the Herreshoff Brothers
  • Family:The Children og NGH and JBH
  • Part Three:Continuing the Legend:
  • Under New Ownership:The Postwar, Pre Depression Years, 1917-1929
  • Surviving the Thirties: A Time of Innovation, 1930-1937
  • The Peacocks:J-Boats of the 1930s
  • Pleasure and Sunset: NGH in Retirement, 1924-1938
  • A Hurricane, A War, a Closing:The Final Years
  • Biblliography
  • Photo Credits

    250 pp., hardcover

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