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Traditional Boatbuilding Made Easy (series)
A lapstrake pulling boat, in the whitehall tradition.

This is the second book by Rich, and will be in the same clear, step-by-step format as his book Building Heidi book.

Rich Kolin is able to take the traditional designs, and traditional planking, and make the building process so straight-forward, you will be able to picture each step in your mind, before you make your first cut.

I In the Beginning

  • Learning to build wooden boats, then and now
  • The origins and myths of the Whitehall boat
  • Bibliography and recommended reading
  • Lapstrake boatbuilding, then and now
  • How much time, space, and money do I need?
  • Where do I get the materials?
  • Boatbuilder's jargon

    II Getting Started

  • How to use this book
  • Organizing your shop
  • Hand tools
  • Safety equipment
  • Wood
  • Ordering wood
  • Fastenings
  • Tool sharpening
  • Materials list
  • Sources

    III Setting Up

  • Materials required
  • Your workspace
  • Draft and build the stem assembly
  • Build the molds
  • Shape the transom
  • Cut out and assemble the backbone
  • Build the daggerboard case
  • Build the ladder jig
  • Set up the backbone and the molds
  • Check the rabbet and transom bevels
  • Line out the planks

    IV Planking

  • Materials required
  • The art of planking
  • Spile the garboard plank template
  • Cut out the garboard plank
  • Mark the gains
  • Fit the garboard
  • Prepare for the next plank
  • Plank the rest of the boat
  • Turn over the boat

    V Framing

  • Materials required
  • Steam box
  • Make and install the knees
  • Mark the frame locations
  • Bend in the frames

    VI Finishing Out

  • Materials required
  • Fit the inwales
  • Shape and fit the guardrails
  • Install the seat risers
  • Install the horseshoe seat brace
  • Fit the keelson and floorboards
  • Install the drain plug
  • Fit the horseshoe seat
  • Fit the center thwart and daggerboard case
  • Fit the forward thwart, mast partners, and maststep
  • Fit the thwart knees
  • Fit the oarlock pads
  • Fit the backrest
  • Carve the boat name and decorative details

    VII Sailing Rig and Oars

  • Materials required
  • The sail plan
  • The sail
  • Make the daggerboard
  • Make the rudder
  • Make the spars and fittings
  • Rig the boat
  • Make the oars

    VIII Finishing Touches

  • Materials required
  • Varnish
  • Paint
  • Install the rope fender
  • Install the stem band, shoe, and eyebolt
  • Fit the boat to the trailer
  • Protect your leathers

    by Rich Kolin
    96 pp., softcover
    9 x 11"
    ISBN # 0-937822-62-0

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