The Adirondack Guideboat: Its Origin, Its Builders, and Their Boats

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Fans of this highly regarded boat type will be pleased. The book features color photos and artwork throughout, and is quite the detailed history of the craft. Although the book's author passed away in 2015, the book has been published in 2018 thanks to the help and support of Edward Comstock Jr., and Christopher Woodward. The book is co-pub'd by The Adirondack Experience (formerly The Adirondack Museum) and Bauhan Publishing, and testament to their ability to produce quality books.

Click REVIEW for the WB magazine review in issue March/April 2019, #267.


  • Introduction
  • Illustrated introduction
  • Glossary

  • Part 1: The History of the Adirondack Guideboat
  • Adirondack Watercraft prior to the 1850s
  • The Emergence of the Transom-built, or Saranac, Boat
  • Transition to the Double-ended Guideboat
  • Early Narratives and Depictions of the Double-Ended Guideboats
  • Other Boats of Guideboat Construction
  • Construction and Distinctive Componets of the Guideboat
  • The Transition of Adirondack Guideboats,1860s to 1890s

  • Part 2: Guideboat and Their Builders
  • Emersons Tribute to the Guides
  • Builders of the Adirondack Guideboats, Listed Chronologically by Region.
  • Builders Active Dates 1840-2015
  • Builders Profiles and the Characteristics of Their Guideboats
  • Guideboat Deck Designs and Placements

  • Part 3: Guideboat Identification-Who Built That Guideboat?
  • Protocol for Identifying a Guideboat Builder
  • Regional Stem Profiles
  • Saranac Style Builders
  • Bloomingdale Style Builders
  • Long Lake Style Builders
  • Brown's Tract Style Builders
  • Appendix

    By Stephen B. Sulavik
    with revisions and additions by Edward Comstock Jr and Christopher H Woodwad
    Softcover, 383 pp.
    8" x 10 1/4"
    published 2018

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