Scarfing Basics - PRINT version

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This is the PRINT version. For the digital, see below.

Subtitled "Cutting and Gluing, Strong, Straight, and Clean Scarf Joints in Plywood and Lumber"

Scarf joints are so necessary, yet probably one of the biggest "approach - avoidance" concerns for the potential builder,If you've read Russell's Epoxy Basics (shown below) then you're no doubt a fan of his clear instructions and techniques to have your work come out like a pro. This book follows that same line of thought.

Table of Contents:
Part 1; Plywood

  • Cutting and Gluing, Strong, Strait, and Clean Scarf Joints
  • Scarf Joint Layout
  • Cutting Scarft Joints
  • Positioning (Alignment)
  • Clamping
  • Gluing (plywood)
  • Scarfing Full 4FT Wide Panels
  • Making Scarf Joint Parallel to Surface Grain
  • For a Power Planer to Work Well
  • Butt Joints in Plywood
    Part 2; Lumber
  • Scarfing Lumber
  • Making the Table Saw Sled Jig
  • Tom Make a Router Jig for Wider Planks
  • Gluing (lumber)
  • Notes on Surface Prep, Temp, and Gluing
  • Addendum: Filling holes with a syringe and color matching

    by Russell Brown
    8 1/2" x 11"
    38 pp, softcover

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