Deer Isle's Undefeated America's Cup Crews

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We're fortunate to have our small Store here in Brooklin, Maine, as we get visitors. Some who live as far away as Deer Isle, Maine (well, it's just across the Reach). Recent visitor Mark Gabrielson was chatting with us and mentioned his new book... we're so glad he did! And, as you might expect, the book includes many historical photos.

From the back cover blurb:
In 1895, emissaries from the New York Yacht Club traveled to Deer Isle, Maine, to recruit the nation's best sailors, an "All American" crew. This remote island in Penobscot Bay sent nearly thirty of its fishing men to sail Defender, and under skipper Hank Haff, they beat their opponents in a difficult and controversial series. To the delight of the American public, the charismatic Sir Thomas Lipton sent a surprise challenge in 1899. The New York Yacht Club knew where to turn and again recruited Deer Isle's fisherman sailors. Undefeated in two defense campaigns, they are still considered one of the best American sail-racing teams ever assembled. Read their fascinating story and relive their adventure.


  • Origins and early history of the America's Cup
  • Deer Isle, Maine and Wivenhoe, England, in the 1890's
  • New Yorkers come to Deer Isle
  • Defender, 1895: Victory and International Controversy
  • The Waterline affair
  • Columbia, 1899: Victory and the end of an era
  • Deer Isle Sailor poetry
  • Deer Isle America's Cup crews
  • Deer Isle men in 1901 trial horses
  • Deer Isle crewman and the Dunraven inquisition
  • Ed Wood interview

    by Mark J. Gabrielson
    176 pp., softcover


    Mark Gabrielson has added a lively gem to AMERICA's Cup literature. The book is enhanced by a tasty assortment of black-and-white photos from Mystic Seaport's archives.
    --Roger Vaughan, reviewed in WoodenBoat #235

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