Shellback Sailing Kit

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Additional Info

Shellback Sailing Kit

Our pre-cut kits are cut by computer-guided routers to provide you with accurate parts. And, the kits come with just about everything needed except the elbow grease.

The ladder frame--the "foundation" of the boat---is now included with the kit. It's pre-slotted, and so slick it goes together in 5 minutes. Nice and rigid, it even includes the molds. Epoxy is also now included.

You get all the parts needed, 4-sided spars (you'll shape and taper) all fastenings, rudder hardware, oarlocks and sockets, plans, instructions, and rigging line & hardware. Wood is Sapele, which is the highest grade marine mahogany ply available.

Also included with your kit:
"How to" book How to Build the Shellback Dinghy
Rudder Mounting Hardware
Belaying Pin
5 sheets of plans

LOA - 11' 2"
Beam - 4' 5"
Draft (db up) - 6 1/2"
(db down) - 2' 3"
Weight - about 100 lbs.
Sail Area - 54 sq. ft.
Skill level: Basic to Intermediate
Intended capacity: 1-3

NOTE: the 2019 Shellback Regatta will be held September 26th - 28th, at Atlantic Boat Company, located on Flye Point, in Brooklin, Maine. Jim Pedersen is your contact:

Designed by Joel White, Shellbacks are well-proven for rowing, towing, and sailing.

Shipping is between $350 and $600, (continental US), depending on the destination for the kit. Please note: you may see 2-day or next-day shipping when you check out, but that is bogus. Kits won't ship for approx. 4-8 weeks.

Kit box dimensions and weights are:

98"x30"x2" 90lb

98"x30"x2" 80lb

12' x10"x10" 145lb

We WILL ship plans, books, and some hardware which is in-stock now. That will be approximately $21.95 shipping.

No Post Office Boxes.

Not Included:
paint / varnish