7'7" Nutshell Rowing Kit

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The Nutshell Pram 7'7" Rowing Kit

Our pre-cut kits are cut by computer-guided routers to provide you with extremely accurate parts. And, the kits come with just about everything needed except the elbow grease.

The ladder frame--the "foundation"of the boat---is included with the kit. It's pre-slotted, and so slick it goes together in 5 minutes. Nice and rigid, it even includes the molds. Epoxy is also included.

You get all the parts needed, oarlocks and sockets, plans, instructions and hardware. Wood is Sapele, which is the highest grade marine mahogany ply available.

Kit weights and dimensions are:

98"x 30"x 2" 90lb

98"x 30"x 2" 80lb

12'x 10" x 10" 110lb

Also included with your kit:
"How to" book Building the Nutshell Pram
8 sheets of plans

LOA - 7' 7"
Beam - 4'
Draft (cb up) - 5"
(cb down) - 1' 9"
Weight about 90 lbs.
No lofting required
Skill level: Basic
Intended capacity: 1-3

Designed by Joel White, the design is well-proven for rowing, towing, and sailing.

Shipping is between $300 and $500, (continental US only), depending on the destination for the kit. Please note: you may see 2-day or next-day shipping when you check out, but that is bogus. Kits won't ship for approx. 4-8 weeks.

We WILL ship the plans and book which are in-stock now. That will be approximately $8 to $16 shipping.

No Post Office Boxes.

Not Included:
paint / varnish