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Small Boats annual is a compilation, a "best of" our fabulous on-line publication Small Boats Monthly.

Here's the line-up:

  • The Coot Dinghy: A proper little boat, by Graham Neil (cover shot)
  • Tango 13: a twin-tailed transom, by Chris Atwood
  • Reader Built Boats
  • Seaford Skiff: A Versatile thin-water cruiser, by Evelyn Ansel
  • Odyssey 165: A front-facing rower for touring and fitness, by Christopher Cunningham
  • Milgate Duck Punt: Simple rig, rewarding sailing, by Marc Davies
  • Lightning Bug: Quiet power, stately pace, by Christopher Cunningham
  • Wee Lassie: A classic in skin-on frame, by Tom Clarke
  • Seaclipper 16: A folding trimaran for the home builder, by Christopher Cunningham
  • Maine Coast Peapod: Joel White's Classic, by Josh Anderson
  • Tadpole Tender: Cottrell's 10' Whitehall, by Christopher Cunningham
  • Fairhaven Flyer: A light dory for solo or tandem rowing by, Dale McKinnon
  • Saturday Night Special: More bang for the buck by Tom Pamperin
  • Woods Hole Spritsail Boat: From workboat to daysailer, by Josh Anderson and Sarah McLean Anderson
  • The Glen-L Utility: Classic 1950s-style in a boat that is simple to build, by Michael S. Maddox
  • Pygmy All-Rounder SUP: A beginner-friendly board, by Christopher Cunningham
  • Pelicano 20: A trig outboard cruiser, by Henry Clews
  • Penobscot 17: An Arch Davis cruiser for sail and oar, by Jim Root
  • Pythagorean Mooring, by John Hartmann
  • Lake Tanganyika: Rowing Africa's Great Lake in a leaky boat, by Scott Brooks
  • Four Oars and a Sail: A 2,000-mile river voyage through the American Heartland, by Danielle Kreusch
  • Peeler Skiff: A lightweight fishing and utility skiff, by Fred Corbit

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