Issue #170 Jan/Feb 2003

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Jan/Feb 2003

  • Cover Story... Fuel-Efficient Powerboats: Harry Bryan's deliberate speed and high mileage displacement powerboats
  • Fairing with Thickened Epoxy: A uniform surface is the key to a fair and smooth hull
  • Beyond BLUENOSE: The Yachts of William James Rou? of Nova Scotia
  • The Core Sounders: Workboats for thin waters
  • Preserving the Greenland Kayak: The work of Harvey Golden
  • Ladies of the Lake: Serendipity brings together L. Francis Herreshoff's Q-boats
  • The Frost Torpedo: Deriving a new boat from a classic form
  • The Path to Less Gloss: An argument for the beauty and utility of flat finishes
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