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May/June 2010


  • Golden Opportunity
    Applying loose-leaf gold.
  • Build a 16-30 Sailing Canoe, Part 1
    A simple hull with great performance.
    A fusion of traditional and moderntechniques.
  • How to Build a Wooden Mast
    A tapered, oval New York 32 spar fromthe original plans.
  • How to Build a Bronze Mast Tang
    A lesson in marking, cutting, drilling,and polishing.
  • Mast Meets Deck
    Wedges, Collars, and Coats.
  • WAVE
    A gaff-rigger in the wake of tradition.
  • a Perfect Finish
    The varnishing techniques of the SierraBoat Company.
  • Fractional Ownership
    Earl McMillen's vision for yachtstewardship.

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