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The Features:

The West Pointer 18
From workboat roots, a solid recreational boat.

A solo canoe for double paddle.

Endeavour 17 (WB Plan #140)
A kayak for just about everybody.

Coho 17
An elegant and able home-built kayak.

The Annaoplis Wherry
Quick to build, fast to row.

Nostalgia with ten coats of varnish.

The Flatfish (WB Plan #129)
An inspired daysailor.

The Christmas Wherry
A Maine example of a traditional design.

The WindSprite 26
An easy-to-build, multichined hull for performance daysailing.

A striking outboard cruiser.

The Ness Yawl
A thoroughbred's blend of ability and beauty.

The Tolman Skiff (WB Book # 300-297)
A boat for all seasons.

A simple girl.

A beautiful and practical daysailor.

The Macomber 15
A fast and heavy skiff from Westport, Massachusetts.

Stir Ven
A good sense of balance.

Boothbay Harbor One-Design
A fast and wholesome racer-daysailor.

RASCAL (WB Plan # 400-100)
A playful runabout.

The Norwalk Islands 26
Fast, shoal-draft, and self-righting.

The Gloucester Light Dory (WB Book # 325-005)
A classic design for plywood construction.

The Norseboat
A Cadillac of a camp-cruiser.

15' 9" Ben Garvey (WB Plan # 400-126) and 19' Ben Garvey (WB Plan # 400-127)
Simple boats for work or play.

A small cruiser for gooing just about anywhere.

The Sailing Skiff 15
A simple, striking, affordable boat.

The Lake Oswego Boat
A small lapstrake gem.

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