Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story DVD

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Right from the opening minutes, you'll love this film. They call it a documentary, but don't let that scare you. It's wonderful. 96 minute runtime.

Trailer for Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story from Charlotte The Film on Vimeo.

CHARLOTTE is a film about an extraordinary boatyard, the Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway, located on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. RossGannon and Nat Benjamin established the boatyard in 1980 with the purpose ofdesigning, building, and maintaining traditionally built wooden boats, and in the processthey transformed Vineyard Haven harbor into a mecca for wooden boat owners andenthusiasts. After a long career of designing and constructing boats for others, Natembarks on building a 50 foot gaff rigged schooner for use by his family and friends -her name is Charlotte. Through close observation of the everyday activities of theboatyard, the film emerges as a meditation on tradition, craftsmanship, family,community, our relationship to nature, and love of the sea.

Jon Wilson's comment:
From the first pencil tracing of Charlotte's sail plan to her thrillingly beautiful sea trials, this is the loving story of the creation of a wooden schooner, and of those who lovingly designed and built her. Rendered deliciously on film, it is one of the most intimate portraits ever made of the creation of a plank-on-frame vessel. Designed to go anywhere in comfort, and to do so with admirable speed, Charlotte is an example of the art and artistry of the renowned Gannon & Benjamin Shipyard on Martha's Vineyard, and this film captures the creation, over a number of years, of a family boat for designer Nat Benjamin. Immerse yourself in the inspired comings and goings of this remarkable shipyard, where Charlotte takes shape alongside other wooden boats - under construction, or in for restoration. Feel the bite of the winter winds whipping outside the boat shop walls, and the sweetness of summer breezes gracefully filling the sails on Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds.

Follow the building process, from the framing and planking to the decking and interior, and join in the launching of Charlotte at Vineyard Haven, where the very harbor itself has become one of New England's most celebrated centers of traditional wooden boats and yachts. See and feel how the power of tradition, cradled in the hands of skilled artisans - both young and old - continues to endure in a place apart from the rush and glitz of modernity. Catch hold of the passion for craftsmanship - and the craft - that emerge with such grace from this yard. If you care even a little about such things, you cannot be unmoved by the portrait this lovely film paints.