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You'll get 112 pages of small boats...

Small Boat Special: Outfitting for Safety
Part of common sense is good preparation.

A Double-paddle Canoe

Devlins Pelicano
An 18' Bassboat.

The No Mans Land Boat
A 17'8" double ender.

Starry Nights
A magic carpet on the water: A 20' Launch.

An 18' camp cruiser with good looks.

The Shaw and Tenney Whitehall
A classic, reinterpreted.

The Sea Bird Yawl (WB Plan 400-003)
Simplicity in a hard-chined cruiser.

A proven cedar strip touring canoe.

Lowell's Amsbury Skiff
Building by "The Book".

The Norwalk Islands 18 and its cousins
A family of sharpies.

A Nesting Dinghy
PT 11, a fine balance of form and function.

Salty Heaven
A sprightly cat-yawl for daysailing or camp-cruising.

Peregrine 18
A fast pulling boat.

Goliath Mini Tug
A fanciful cruiser with workboat roots.

Amphibi-ette (WB Plan 400-068)
The camper bus of sailboats.

The Old Town Dinghy
A classic in cedar and canvas.

Hampton Sloop
A family boat.

XLNC Utility Skiff
A simple, efficient hull from William and John Atkin.

St. Ayles Skiff
Inspiring the community rowing revival.

Marsh Punt
A simple boat for calm waters.

Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff (WB Plan 400-145)
A forgiving outboard powered boat.

The Rhodes 18
A racing daysailer.

An almost-traditional Thames skiff.

Wittholtz 11' Dinghy (WB Plan 400-050)
An ode to a simpler time.

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