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You'll get 112 pages of small boats...

Small Boat Details
A gallery of ideas to improve your small boat.

Bay Pilot 18
A garage-built pocket cruiser.

Schooner 18
An 18' camp schooner.

You can paddle it in a puddle.

A timeless bassboat.

Sailing Surf Dory
A great all-around performer.

The International Fireball
A fast racer for today's home boatbuilder.

Sea Knight
A 1957-vintage outboard cabin cruiser.

A traditional daysailer.

The Northeaster Dory
A modern traditional boat for sail and oar.

A fast and rugged power launch.

Martha Jane
Comfort and stability in a plywood lug yawl.

Lili 6.10
A balanced trekker from France.

A stable, efficient-and striking-runabout.

The Herreshoff 15s
A classic daysailer in several forms.

The PT Skiff
Seakindly and fuel-efficient.

A small yacht, whether under sail or oars.

Deer Isle Koster Boat
A full-bodied, stable, and promising daysailer.

A fisherman's friend.

Townsend Tern
A small cruiser full of ideas and innovations.

Onset Island Skiff
Utility, affordability, good fun.

The Matinicus Double-ender
The real deal.

Ocean Pointer
An updated legend.

The Baybird Sloop
An 18' W. Starling Burgess design for racing.

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