March 30, 2016

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Harvey Golden's new, gigantic book Kayaks of Alaska just arrived here in Brooklin. The hefty 560-pager is packed with designs, history, drawings, photos, and first-hand knowledge, as Harvey has built and used well over a dozen replicas. You may recall his previous big book published a few years ago, Kayaks of Greenland. These books provide you with a huge amount of material at your fingertips.

We've just added another Joel White design to our digital group of boatbuilding plans. Shearwater is now available for instant download. A 16' Norwegian-inspired pulling boat, with just three strakes per side, this double-ender is glue-lap-ply construction.

If you like to keep fast company, the latest issue of our sister publication, Professional BoatBuilder, may be of special interest with a feature on Harry Schoell. Plus there's additional content from Melissa Wood on the PBB website.

What's coming in just a couple of days? The new April issue of Small Boats Monthly, of course. It will include a Sam Devlin 17' Duckling, a sail in an Abaco dinghy—in her home waters, plus several other features and technique pieces. Don't miss the Editor's page for a look back at Joshua Slocum.

Speaking of coming soon... if you have a thing for viking boats, we will have a book for you that is so nice it ought to come with a bib. Watch for it in mid-April.

And lastly, an item which falls into the "it just doesn't get any better than this" slot... a bunch of folks get together to build a boat. Watch the progress: Point Comfort build.

-Scot & Crew

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