February 17, 2016

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Sportfishing takes front and center in the new March/April WoodenBoat issue, now available in both digital and print formats. This issue includes a book review of the new L. Francis Herreshoff book, just in case you needed a nudge.

Looking for something "new" to read? Cruising Yachts just found its way across the Atlantic to our Store from Lodestar. Originally pub'd in 1945, it's T. Harrison Butler's design manifest, and has been updated with a section of color (or, colour...) photos of Butler yachts. Includes a foreword by the late naval architect, Ed Burnett.

Talk about Moving Heavy Things... Running Aground is the topic in the latest Getting Started, which is the 56th edition (instant download) in that series. Ever had a boat which didn't ground out at least once?

Did you notice the "search" function on our Small Boats Monthly site? With 17 issues published so far, it's kind of handy to pull, for example, all of the catboat articles. Granted, you do need to be a subscriber to read those articles, and at $2.99 a month (which allows reading all back issues) it's quite the deal. And if it's been just a bit too long since you've done something terrific for a good friend, a Gift Subscription will be a steady reminder that you're looking out for them. It's hard to beat "thoughtful".

And lastly, it's time to imagine your dream job... because WoodenBoat is adding staff. Take a look at this nifty job posting: WoodenBoat magazine Associate Editor. It's not exactly the kind of opportunity that comes around every day—or decade.

-Scot & Crew

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