February 3, 2016

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Looking for a good read while the weather is still on the winter-side of things? Consider Mischief in Patagonia by HW Tilman, which just landed on our shelf. It's a co-production by Vertebrate Publishing and Lodestar Books, of The Lugworm Chronicles fame.

And, we've just added our WoodenBoat magazine back issue collection to our "digital download" offerings. Here's the link: WB Complete Back Issue Collection. Why bother with the download version when you can get the flash drive? You'll save on the shipping fees (and if overseas that's not cheap, especially if you get nicked with VAT or other fees) and there's no--sometimes long--wait for delivery. We've hesitated to make it available as it does require a speedy, non dial-up connection as it's about 9 gigabytes, split out into three files. Thanks to positive comments from Mikkel, and a few others, we've made it available to everybody.

It's here! The new February issue of Small Boats Monthly is up, on-line, and ready for viewing. Included with this issue is a handsome lapstrake version of the Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff. Sis pub PBB editor Aaron Porter's strip-built version was featured in WB 210 and WB 211.

Another enticement has been added to peak your interest in Small Boats Monthly. Editor Christopher Cunningham has recently begun posting Small Boats Monthly videos to YouTube. Check out SBM YouTube Collection for boats, tool tests, and more.

And lastly, for more YouTube action, visit WoodenBoat's YouTube channel. The best 3 minutes of your day are coming up with last night's addition of the "Postcard from WoodenBoat" vid, thanks to Truman and Robin. Plus, there are features from the magazine, as well launchings from our own Magic Kingdom, tours of the magazine HQ, and more.

-Scot & Crew

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