January 6, 2016

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Good news! The Kenneth and Helen Durant book The Adirondack Guide-Boat which had been out of print, is available once again. The book has a great new cover, and we have a high res image so you can zoom in and see the details of just what's in that heavily laden boat. Take a look at the front cover. Pretty neat.

Speaking of Adirondack boats, the new January issue of Small Boats Monthly includes a beautiful strip version of an Adirondack Guideboat. And, SBM has added a new feature... an Editor's page.

More good news: the hardcover edition of Boys in the Boat is once again available. And yes, we still have the paperback version as well.

Did you remember to renew your WoodenBoat subscription? Thought we'd mention it as January seems to be a traditional starting date for subscriptions, and we'd feel just awful if you missed-out on an issue. This link: Subscribe, will take you to the section that includes the option to add a digi sub for just $10 more. You might also want to take advantage of the offer for the Small Boats 2016 (it's a checkbox) which saves you the ship charge. Small Boats is available at the newsstand, and is also in digital as well as print formats from our WoodenBoat Store.

And lastly, if you read the WoodenBoat Sept/Oct 2015 #246 issue, you'll recall it featured VIXEN, the 34' Atkin cutter. There's a fabulous video about VIXEN and the Halabisky family and their 10-year circumnavigation. It's one of the few videos that runs almost 15 minutes, that you wish didn't end so soon. It's a treat.

-Scot & Crew

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